At Last The Heater Went off

Someone finally turned off the heater in the Valley of the Sun, a.k.a. Phoenix Metro. When Norm and I went out around 11:30 this morning it was actually cold — around 71 ° with a nice brisk breeze in the air. Could it actually be Fall? After we ate lunch at Red Robin, of course, I told Norm we had to go home before we went to our appointment in Superstition Springs. I was very cold in my short sleeved T-shirt and there was no way I was going to spend the rest of the day freezing. So we went home and I changed into something with longer sleeves. Ah, much better. (Norm wears short sleeve shirts all year long because he’s always hot!)

In case you think I’m crazy, you have to realize that it’s been 95 ° to 100 ° Fahrenheit for the last month and for several months prior to that it has been 105 ° to 110 ° Fahrenheit. So when it drops suddenly to 70 ° you really notice. That’s how it is around here when the seasons change. We go from hot to cool very quickly. There’s not too many days of in between weather. I still like it here though!

Now that it’s getting cooler I’ll have to get all of my winter clothes out. I like wearing three-quarter length sleeved shirts because with my short stature they work better than long sleeved shirts. Also, I like to wear wraps or ponchos to keep warm when it’s really cold out. Jackets are hard for me put on, but if I did wear jackets I might like to wear a North Face jacket. They look rather cool. (No pun intended.)