No Green Thumbs Here

Not long after Norm and I got married we bought our first house plant.   I don’t remember what it was but it didn’t survive very long.   Since we live in the desert I figured cactus would make a good house plant, but the little ones you find at the store eventually die as well.   Not sure why.   We did water it now and then.   Next we tried some kind of plant that I’ve seen in a lot of office buildings so I figured it probably would survive in our house.   It did pretty good for a while until we got our cat GG.   She kept chewing it up and it finally died.   Maybe I should get fake plants?   Silk trees or silk plants would probably survive in my house.   That is, if they don’t die from the dust.

1 Comment

  1. Dixie Sampier
    Oct 3, 2007

    You’re funny, daughter!!!
    and I enjoy your writings.