Red Robin

I have become a Red Robin junkie since they opened a new restaurant near us at the new Tempe Marketplace off of McClintock Road just south of Loop 202. I’m sure that tells all of you who live outside of Phoenix Metro exactly where I’m talking about. 😉  

When I first moved here back in 1999, Norm and I would go to the Red Robin restaurant on McDowell Road with his mother all the time. We enjoyed it and were sorry to see it go when they tore down the Los Arcos Mall a few years ago. Now we’re stuck with something called Sky Song which is an ugly, ugly office building that the mayor of Scottsdale and the president of ASU conspired to steal money from the taxpayers in the form of subsidies. You don’t need to subsidize development in the high rent district of Scottsdale. But that’s not why I’m writing this post…

Anyhow, they just opened this new restaurant two weeks ago and we have been there six times since. We eat out a lot because I can’t stand Norm’s cooking. I do enjoy Red Robin hamburgers. What I like best is you can order petite sizes which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t want to eat a gigantic hamburger. You can get anything you want on your hamburger as well. The way I like it is mayonnaise, tomato, provolone cheese and Red Robin’s sweet pickle relish. Sometimes I even get grilled onions when I’m in the mood for them. They include unlimited steak fries with your hamburger. Yummy!

The food is great and the service is great too. I highly recommend Red Robin.

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  1. Vanda
    Aug 20, 2007

    mmmmmmm a real American hamburger, oh yeah I could go for one of those. It tickles me that from all the way across the pond about 6500 miles I know just where you are talking about LOL.