The Tail’s Tale

Last week, while working at my computer, my cat GG was playing with something behind me. I could hear her murmuring and scratching at something, but I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t pay much attention. Finally I could stand it no longer so I had to look. I turned around and there she was scratching at something on the floor up against the side of the bookcase. I said something to her and she took off so I moved closer to the area to investigate but could see nothing there.

She headed off to the living room so I went in pursuit of her thinking she had something and I was right. Lo and behold there it was — a lizard’s tail. But where was the lizard? Norm came into the room and he retrieved the tail and promptly disposed of it in the trash. He felt sorry for the lizard but I assured him the lizard would grow another one. We looked behind the bookcase and everywhere else we could think of but there was no lizard to be found.

About an hour or two later I went back into the living room because I heard something fall to the floor. I thought for sure GG was up to something again. There was no GG but there was a lizard with no tail right there on the floor next to Norm’s recliner chair. I called Norm into the room from his office in the front bedroom and pointed out the lizard. Norm came up with a great way to capture the lizard. We let the poor guy go outside shortly after taking photographs for posterity.

az_lizard-_sans_tail.jpgGG was off taking a nap somewhere in the house so she never got to see her prey again. Every time I go out in the backyard I scan the brick walls looking for a tailless lizard but I haven’t found him yet. I’m sure he’s out there somewhere no doubt telling all the other lizards about his close encounter with a terrorizing feline in our house. I can’t figure out how he got in the house unless he came in while I was going in or out the backdoor — or the front door for that matter. If he’s smart he won’t come back inside anytime soon!


  1. Tracy
    Mar 20, 2007

    That lizard was really lucky to escape with two cats in the house!

  2. Narniaman
    Mar 21, 2007

    Gee, Karen, I would have thought you would have least let the cat eat the remaining tail.

    It’s not like it’s going to be sewn back on the lizard, and it would save you a little on cat food!!!

    Besides, don’t lizard tails have magical properties anyway? There must have been some reason why witches would brew up concoctions with tasty morsels like that!!