It Snowed!

Well, not actually at our home, but we did get hail very late this afternoon.   Just east of us in the town of Mesa they got quite a bit of snow this evening and in North Scottsdale this morning and this evening it snowed, as well as in parts of north Phoenix.   We mainly got rain around our house.   Since the hail started near sundown I didn’t go out to see if there was any snow.   I really didn’t think there would be and was surprised to find out it snowed everywhere else when I looked at the online papers this evening.   Check out the Arizona Repugnant and the East Valley Tribune for the photos of snowfall around the valley today.


  1. Norm
    Jan 22, 2007

    :grin:Our house seems to be isolated from most of the “weather” that visits the Valley. Bad flooding rain, dances around us. Snow goes East of us. Even the dust stroms….HaBoobies…..seem to find other areas to cover with grit. I guess it’s our personalities…..

  2. Vanda
    Jan 25, 2007

    Wow real snow, how about that. It snowed here to but not a lot and not for long.