Mosquitoes — I Hate Them!

Since we had rain the past few weeks, not a whole lot but some, we’ve also gotten mosquitoes.   The first year I lived here, back in 1999, we never had mosquitoes.   Now we get them every summer when we get monsoon storms.

Mosquitoes like me for some reason.   I swell up instantly when I get bit.   Last week I was on my evening stroll through the neighborhood when I stopped to chat with a lady who was in her yard.   I got bit three times on my left hand and never saw the booger!

Thinking it would be best to avoid sundown, I tried going out earlier but it was too hot.   Tonight I thought I could make a quick stroll when the sun got down low enough in the sky.   So off I go and on that same street there is that lady that I saw before.   She was in her car with a U-Haul attached.   We chatted for a few minutes to say goodbye because she was moving back to Alabama to take care of her ailing parents.   I wasn’t there more than three minutes and I felt something sting my right hand and arm.   I didn’t see anything, but as soon as I got home there were two welts — one on my thumb and the other one on my arm in a place that’s hard for me to reach to scratch.   Oh they are so painful!   When you can’t reach your mosquito bites to scratch them, it is even more miserable!   I am convinced that mosquitoes are the work of the devil!

A couple years ago Norm and I got one of those bug zappers to hang near the patio.   Unfortunately, it never worked well and I always got bit anyways.   Last week I suggested to Norm we should bring it in the house since we never sit outdoors in the evenings anymore.   He wasn’t too sure about the idea until he got bit several times one evening while we were watching TV.   Now the zapper hangs in the dining room near the back door so it will catch all the bugs that fly in when we open the door for the cats.   It works pretty good because I hear it zapping most evenings while we are sitting in the living room.   The only trouble is we can’t leave it on all night because the blacklight bulb lights up the entire house when we turn out all the other lights.   Sometimes I feel like I’m at Kmart when I see the blue light in the corner.   Yes, this is the place for the blue light special.


  1. julie woodman
    Aug 18, 2006

    Back when my late husband & I did an outing almost every day, one of our trips was up to the Ft. Rock ranch off I-40 between Seligman and US 93. The land was being offered in 10 to 40- acre parcels. Very pretty limestone area, with some water — which was the problem. The black flies swarmed me & my face was a mess! Didn’t bother LH, who had a tough skin, I guess. After that experience, I kept a hat with mosquito net in the car just in case.

  2. Ken
    Aug 18, 2006

    Moskwitos never liked me. Try drinking lots of coffee and tea and overworking. Works for me.