Not So Close Please

This afternoon we were at the grocery store getting items for a few meals.  Right up front they put seasonal items and today I noticed something completely different.  Fireworks!  That’s right, you can now buy fireworks at the local grocery store.  Of course there was a prominently displayed sign that posted a notice that it is illegal to shoot fireworks within the Scottsdale city limits.  Now, I enjoy watching fireworks from afar but I would never light one myself.  I would have to wear a welding helmet along with complete fire protection clothing.  Ever since I was a young child I have had a deathly fear of sparks and fireworks ashes.  It probably is because when I was a toddler I got ashes in my face from a backyard fireworks episode.  I can’t even hold one of those sparklers or get near one without a panic attack.  It’s a wonder I made it past the grocery store display!