Thursday and It’s Me.

I really get a kick out of blogging on The View from My Chair, my sweet wife’s blog.

I do have a couple Blogs of my own but I find that it’s fun to visit this blog and take a few minutes and write my point of view.   She doesn’t mind a bit.

Years ago, I bought a van equipped with a ramp so Karen could get in the vehicle in her wheelchair.   It’s great for us to be able to get around and go wherever we need to.   Sunday we went to church, like we usually do, but we found that the ramp mechanism wasn’t working properly.   It’s a bit difficult to do it manually, but I did and as soon as we could, I took it to the repair shop.   I know a lot about audio and video equipment, but I don’t know much about repairing motors and other car parts.   Things like thrust bearings and sprockets and motor assemblies are best left to the professionals.   As it turns out, they were able to repair it the same day.   Karen is very happy and so am I, because I was getting rather worn-out from all the extra work.