Giving Off That Vibe

Red Robin French Fries

When I asked my husband, Norm, what he would like to do for lunch today he responded right away with, “let’s go to Red Robin.”   It’s one of our favorite places for lunch and from this photo you can see how delicious looking the french fries are.   I forgot to take a picture of our burger, probably because I was so engrossed with eating those french fries.

Before the food came I was playing with my iPod Touch.   One of the servers who knows us saw me playing with it and stop by our table to chat.   Seems that everyone is talking about Christmas preparations and plans for getting out of town.   Then he asked me a very strange question, “do you know of a good cigar store nearby?”   Do I give off the kind of vibe that says I know about cigars?   No.   I don’t think so.   I suggested he check his computer and look for cigar deals online.   Maybe I give off an air of Internet savvy?   Norm thinks I do.