Holiday Memories

Today I woke up thinking about holidays past.   My mind wandered back to the late 1970s.   My family took a Branson vacation and visited my grandparents who lived in southern Missouri just outside of Springfield, not far from Branson.   They had a farm with about 58 acres along the James River.   It was their retirement home, but they were anything but retired.   My grandmother stayed busy during the holiday season making crafts and cooking up all sorts of goodies for the grandkids to enjoy.   Grandpa kept busy with his 1 acre produce garden and his horses.   By wintertime they had already sold off the cattle he raised during the year, so grandpa had lots of time to spend with his grandchildren.   We always had a blast visiting all the cousins and grandparents farm.   And of course, there would be trips to Branson to see the variety of entertainment available there.   Oh what memories!