Scratch and Win

A couple of months ago one of our regular eateries was having a promotional contest.   Each time you came in to eat the manager would give you a sealed game card that you could bring in on your next visit to reveal your prize.   If you opened and/or scratched off the prize before your next visit, the prize was automatically voided.   The prize could be anything from a percentage discount on your meal, a trip package or a significant monetary award.   Since we visited that restaurant on a regular basis, we got quite a few game cards.   Each time we would come back and I would eagerly await as the manager scratched off our award, hoping we would when something good.   However, the best we did it was 20% off our meal.   I was hoping for something like one of those Orlando vacation packages or $25,000.   I wouldn’t mind going to Orlando since it’s been probably 30 years since I’ve been there.   I also wouldn’t mind winning $25,000.   I could definitely have a good time with that.