Vote for Wendy Rogers

“Work hard, follow through” is the motto of Wendy Rogers, candidate for the Arizona District 17 senate seat.   Having first met Wendy over a year ago when she came knocking on my door, I can attest that she wholeheartedly lives that motto.   It was the middle of summer 2009 and Wendy was riding her bicycle on a very hot afternoon through my neighborhood.   Norm and I spoke with her at our front door and it wasn’t too long before we invited her in the house so she could cool off from the 110 ° heat.   We even gave her ice and fresh water for her water jug.

Right away we liked Wendy’s stand on the issues concerning Arizona’s budget crisis and the condition of our national economy.   She’s definitely a conservative and wants to bring common sense to Arizona’s state government.   As a small business owner she knows first hand that our economy will grow if small business is not taxed to death.   You can read more about her stand on the issues at her website.

About a month ago Norm and I attended the District 17 GOP meeting.   Wendy and her husband were there and she recognized us right away and came over to greet us by name.   Considering that she has visited in excess of 10,000 homes and visited just about every precinct on her bicycle in District 17, I can’t believe she remembered our names.   It’s impressive to me that she would take the time to visit every precinct and knock on doors and meet the people of the district.   I have never in my life heard of candidates doing that much hard work to be elected.   Yes, I have met a few other candidates in years past coming to my door asking for my signature on their petition or for my vote, but I’m sure none of them have visited over 10,000 homes and taken the time to get to know the people of the district.   We proudly put her campaign sign in our front yard!

It’s obvious that Wendy cares about District 17 and what is important to the people of South Scottsdale and Tempe.   That’s why I’m voting for her in November and why I urge you to do the same.