Just One of the Gang

I’ve written before about how Norm and I enjoy going to Red Robin.   Over the years we’ve gotten to know quite a few of the crew at three different Red Robins in our area.   Sometimes it feels like we’re just one of the gang because several of the servers and managerswill stop by our table just to say hi and see how we are doing.

Today it was just the same.   One of the young women that knows us came by to chat.   She’s so pretty and I was noticing how beautiful her skin is.   She’s a very natural looking beauty and doesn’t need makeup.   Some girls have all the luck with that.   Her skin is clear and I’ll bet she uses natural acne products if she does get a breakout.

About a week ago we were there and got to meet a new server.   Another nice young woman who now make it a habit to come by and visit us when we’re in the restaurant.   If I sat down and figured it out, I’ll bet we know about two dozen Red Robin employees.   I just wish I could remember all their names.   It’s funny how they always remember ours.   Maybe it’s because they want a good tip?   LOL I doubt it.   They’re just great people.