Tucson or Tuscan

Ever notice how people confuse Tucson and Tuscan?   Tucson is a town in southern Arizona and Tuscan refers to the Tuscany region of Italy.   Lately the word Tuscan is used to describe furnishings or food associated with Italy or the Mediterranean area.   When you live in Arizona and you see that word on a food label it easy to be confused and think it has to do with Tucson.   For instance, the other day we were at some restaurant and I was perusing the menu.   I noticed in the appetizer section there was something called Tuscan hummus.   Basically it’s white beans puréed with sesame, garlic, lemon and spices and it’s served with pita bread for dipping.   Oh, that sounded delicious.   I showed it to Norm on the menu and I think he thought it was regular bean dip from Tucson.   We ordered it and it was so good!

A couple of days later we are shopping at Trader Joe’s and in the refrigerated case I see a container of Tuscan hummus.   The squeal of joy I let out made Norm think I had found a way to get cheap car insurance.   We bought some and it’s better than the one I had at the restaurant.   So, if you’re in the mood for bean dip I highly recommend Tuscan hummus as a nouveau alternative.