Getting Back to Normal.

There is a neighbor who is going to have a baby in maybe 4 months.   I really don’t know cause I haven’t talked to her for at least a couple months, and don’t keep track of the due date that much.     Just hope that she has been using the best prenatal vitamins and lucky that she didn’t have to go through what we had been in the last few days.

Finding a water leak Friday.

Having our kitchen blocked off shortly there after.

Today, we have had a crew of two working here in the kitchen, tearing out the floor, and the cabinets under the sink and dishwasher to get at the wall where the leak apparently was, is.

Since our kitchen is right next to where Karen has her computer, it hasn’t been an easy day for her, with all the activity as the appliances were moved out to our patio and the refrigerator went right next to Karen’s desk.

The fans/dehumidifiers were off but it wasn’t actually quiet.   Just a little hard to concentrate on working.

Me… didn’t let it bother me, what with my office down the hall, and being able to either not put on my hearing aids, or shut them off, the kitchen demolition didn’t effect me.