Saturday Stuff

While Friday was a lazy day for us, Saturday turned out to be a little bit busy.   We had a nice lunch at Red Robin on the outdoor patio.   Then Norm took me to my pedicure appointment.   I haven’t had a pedicure in several months so I was long overdue for one.   As usual it was fantastic.   Suzanne is the best nail technician I’ve ever had.   I highly recommend her but, if she’s booked and you need an appointment right away, ask for Sam because she will accommodate you nicely, and she’s just as good as Suzanne.

After my appointment Norm took me home because our friend R was coming over.   She’s got Norm working on a big project for her taking still images from old videos.   Norm converts the images to JPEG’s and then transfers them to her flash drive.   Eventually she will take the flash drive to Costco and have all the JPEG’s made into prints for her family photo album.   It’s a great idea.

Later that evening Norm fixed sandwiches and we watched some movie I found on LMN.   It was a murder mystery and not half bad.   I just can’t remember the name of it.   Overall it was a nice Saturday to spend with my husband.