Mr. Big

Last Friday Norm and I decided to make an impromptu visit to the park after we picked up Taco Bell for lunch.   The weather was perfect for sitting outside enjoying our meal together.   We got to the park and I went to the nearest picnic table closest to the pond.   I noticed a large white goose about 10 yards away observing me.   Then Norm started to walk up towards the table with our bags from Taco Bell.   The goose started honking at him and wandered over to the picnic table.   Norm sat down at the table with me and the goose, still honking very loudly, went right under the picnic table.   We weren’t sure what to do.   We didn’t bring anything to feed ducks or geese but, this goose was certain we had food.

He wouldn’t leave us alone.   Norm was a little nervous about him being under the table and making so much noise.   Geese have been known to bite.   We started eating hoping that the large and noisy white goose would just go away.   Instead, he came out from under the table and try to get something out of Norm’s pocket.   I was afraid Norm was going to get bit and at that point I was wishing we had purchased some high risk life insurance.   Fortunately the goose was more interested in food than Norm’s bare legs (he was wearing shorts).   Norm threw a couple of small pieces of taco shell on the ground away from the table.   Mr. Big (that’s what I named the goose) quickly ate them up and decided it wasn’t worth sticking around for more.   Off he went into the pond, thankfully.

Next time we’ll come prepared to feed Mr. Big.