Spring Is in the Air

Last week we had very warm and beautiful weather all week, so Norm and I went to our local park three days in a row toeat lunch,   feed the ducks and enjoy the great weather.   We went again today and it was just perfect out.   We grabbed some lunch and ate it at the park.   Other people had the same idea as we saw several couples and singles enjoy a short time at the park.   Quite a few other people must’ve been thinking about fat burners because they were jogging or riding their bikes during their lunch hours.   Some even were walking their dogs.

Most of the ducks we saw were napping, but a few of them were getting busy with springtime activity.   As we were getting ready to leave I saw a pair of geese in the pond mating.   They were quite proud of their achievement and danced around when they were finished.   Usually when I see ducks or pigeons mating at the park they don’t get all excited about it.   Geese are different I guess.   Oh the joys of spring time.