Making Do

Just the other day I realized that we’ve had our HDTV for over a year now.   The quality of the picture is so much better than what we used to hare, even though I was happy with our old TV. Our TV cabinet was designed for an old-style television, but we’re still using it with the new widescreen.     Yesterday, with the help of a friend, we made some adjustments to our TV viewing.   To make it better and to save a little money, we used a couple of old cinderblocks from the backyard to raise the TV at a better level for our viewing.   Last night I enjoyed watching TV at its new height.   Tonight I’m looking forward to watching Fringe and CSI: Las Vegas.

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  1. Aznorm
    Feb 4, 2010

    Not only do the cinder blocks help, but watching HD TV next to a beautiful woman sure helps TOO!