Memories of a Friend

Today was the memorial celebration for a friend of the family who passed away just before Christmas.
I was not able to attend the memorial service as it was held in San Diego, so I decided to have my own little memorial in my mind.

While Norm and I were eating lunch today I told him of my memories of Larry.   He and Francine, his wife, were a lot of fun and I always enjoyed getting together with them when I lived with my parents.   Larry was a computer engineer of some sorts and had worked for AT&T.   When I met Larry and Francine they were preparing to move to Belgium to do some work there with a mission group.   Larry and I enjoyed talking about computers, because at the time I got acquainted with him computers were just becoming a popular item for families to purchase for home use.   Larry was the kind of guy who knew what KVM switches were for and yet he wasn’t boring at all the way you would think an engineer type person would be.   He was quite funny and love to make jokes about the way words were spelled.   It was from him I learned about the word stuph which became my new favorite word.

I look forward to the day when I will see Larry again in heaven.


  1. vony ackley
    Jan 15, 2010

    and the definition is…?

  2. Francine Killion
    Jan 18, 2010

    Thank you for your sentiments, Karen. Larry was such a special man, always supportive and kind. It was so good to see your parents at the memorial service; would have been nice to see you again.

    There is a website that you can go to, to see photos of Larry and read other tributes or make donations to his memorial fund, a portion of which will go to the American Cancer Society-