Say Uncle

The other day I was recalling a family reunion trip many years ago when I was maybe 13 or 14 years old in which I met my grandfather’s brothers and sisters.   We went to Oklahoma and spent a couple of days there getting to know relatives I never met before.   One of my grandfather’s brothers, my Great Uncle Howard, was sheriff of the town where we had the family reunion.   I don’t remember exactly where this was because it was a long time ago.   I just know it was in Oklahoma, maybe some little town outside of Oklahoma City.   Anyhow, Great Uncle Howard made quite an impression on me.   He was a friendly man, but also had an air of authority.   That’s probably the way it is with most people who are in law enforcement.   I talked with him for quite a while and asked him all kinds of questions about his job as sheriff.   He was delighted to tell the stories, although I could tell my grandmother wasn’t too thrilled about it.   I’m not sure what it was that bothered her.   Maybe it was because I was asking about crime and murder investigations.   I also wanted to know if he had testified in criminal trials.   There was a time in my life when I fancied becoming a lawyer like Perry Mason.   I wonder if there were any lawyers that had to cross-examine Great Uncle Howard?   No doubt he handled himself just fine.

Last time I remember seeing Great Uncle Howard was quite a few years later in San Diego.   He and his wife came to visit my grandparents and the rest of the family living in San Diego.   It wasn’t too many years later my grandfather passed away.   No doubt Great Uncle Howard has passed on as well.