Christmas Cats

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a doodler.   My mother, who is a fantastic artist, taught me basic drawings skills at an early age.   Over the years she taught me three dimensional drawing, watercolor painting and design and color theory concepts.   As a child I was encouraged to use my imagination and a drawing tablet, ink markers or crayons were never far from my reach.   I even learned embroidery and calligraphy from my mother.

My Christmas Cats

My Christmas Cats

Drawing was always something that just happened whenever there was a pen or a pencil in my hand.   All through high school and college the margins of my notebooks would be filled with doodles.   As I have aged my hands have gotten weaker because of my progressive disability (spinal muscular atrophy type II).   I don’t draw any more because I rarely have pen and paper in my hands.   I’m usually sitting at the computer, like now, with a mouse in my hand.   Websites are my creative outlet these days.

I ran across this doodle I created six years ago for a Christmas card.   Back when I used to send Christmas cards, I liked to make something unique, or at least something that didn’t look store-bought, if I had the time and the energy.   This doodle of a Christmas tree and my two cats, Miss Ellie and GG, was something I did on drawing paper and then scanned into my computer.   I then added color here and there with a graphics program.   I printed the drawing on cards you can buy at the office supply store.   It was a big hit when I sent it out to friends and family.   So, I’ve decided to share it with the world.

You can purchase my Christmas card from Zazzle.   It’s set up for a note card size greeting card and blank inside for you to customize online, or add your own personal message by hand.   I’ve also created postage stamps with the same image, but they’re not yet approved for sale by the post office.   Hopefully that will happen soon.