Read at Your Own Risk

So the other night we are watching TV, yes we do that many evenings, and there’s this commercial for some TV manufacturer.   They’re extolling the outstanding clarity and performance of their particular TV versus some other manufacturer by showing you their TV picture versus the other brand.   Who gets paid for these ideas?   Somebody needs to rethink that because if I own say, a Samsung TV and I’m looking at a commercial for some other brand, how do I know the picture I’m seeing on my TV of the other brand is really the other brand and not just my TV?

Okay, forget what you just read, because I’m already confused.   It’s like trying to figure out what you’re seeing when you hold up a mirror in front of another mirror and you’re looking at yourself in one mirror looking at yourself in another mirror.   LOL.

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  1. vony ackley
    Oct 23, 2009

    you should give all of your blogs inticing titles!