Cat Training

In the past few days my cat GG has astounded us with her ability to capture large insects.   The other night a cockroach, we’re talking large cockroach, came out from nowhere and ran across the living room floor.   Like a flash GG was on top of it and captured it in her mouth.   She ran off down the hall and into the spare bedroom we use as an office space for Norm.   She kindly deposited this gigantic cockroach under Norm’s chair and fortunately it was dead.   Then last night a cicada flew into the house when we opened the back door to let our other cat, Miss Ellie, in for a bite to eat.   Again, GG was out of nowhere going after that insect.   It took her about an hour before she found it, but when she did she came into the living room with it in her mouth.   Now if only we could teach her to do more useful things.   For instance, she likes to have a water bowl in the bathroom for her to drink out of.   Nevermind the fact that we have a perfectly good water bowl in the kitchen.   She insists on having one in the bathroom as well.   If it’s empty she lets Norm know by following him around and meowing incessantly.   I’ve tried to figure out a way to teach her to turn on the bathroom faucet by herself but it doesn’t intrigue her the way insects do.   Cat training is hard work.


  1. Richard
    Aug 13, 2009

    It’s hard to train cats to use a faucet because they lack opposable thumbs. If they had thumbs, they could rule the world! (Meow)

  2. GrannyJ
    Aug 14, 2009

    My Max cat is convinced that water from my glass and/or water from a faucet in the bathroom sink is far more desirable than water in his water dish. I especially have a problem when he tries to get a drink out of a glass that is close to empty — he’s figured that if he tips it over, he can get at the H2O.