Traffic Report

I don’t drive a vehicle anymore so I am a perpetual passenger.   As the passenger I get to look at everything along the road.   Sometimes I give Norm a play-by-play as we go around town since he is focused on driving and not what’s going on alongside the road.   So today, while Norm and I are out and about, we are stopped at an intersection when I see a woman crossing the street in front of us who had the smallest waist I’ve ever seen.   Norm saw it too and we both said something at the same time.   (If we were 10 years old it would’ve been fun to say, at this point, “Jinx!”)   After careful consideration we decided that she must use the best weight loss pills ever known to man or she doesn’t eat.

Later on I observe a couple of young boys harassing Canadian geese in one of the flood channels alongside Hayden Road.   For some reason there are several flocks of geese that never make it back to Canada after the winter has passed.   They have obviously found a treasure trove of whatever it is Canadian geese like to eat here in Scottsdale.   Only thing is they have to endure triple digits all summer long.   That’s probably why they were playing in the water even though those young boys were chasing after them.   Something tells me one or both of them may have gone home with a bad memory from that experience.   Don’t mess with the geese!