Something Special

An important day is coming up and I’m trying to think of something special for that special someone.   He’s going to be another year older and I think better than he was when I first met him.   That’s a good thing because we always ought to be improving as we get older.   He’s at that age now where he’s not thinking about acne treatment.   Lately he’s been telling me that I come first.   That’s pretty awesome, but I’d like him to come first on that special day.   He is rather important to me and I want him to know it.   Now if I can just think of something special…

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  1. Norm
    Jul 27, 2009

    Got to be the nicest blog I have read,. The person you are writting about knows how you feel, just being in the same room with you. You don’t have to say anything, or buy anything, he knows. I know, cause I have been with him all his life and share the same body.