Sleeping Arrangements

If you own cats or dogs you’ll know that they spend a good part of the day sleeping.   My two cats sleep a lot and have their favorite sleeping spots.   During the night, when Norm and I sleep, GG prefers to sleep in our bed with us.   Miss Ellie prefers to sleep outside unless it’s cold, in which case she will sleep on or next to me in our bed.   GG sleeps at the foot of our bed and sometimes on top of my legs.   Occasionally she will sleep next to Norm but he moves a lot during the night and that upsets her.

During the day Miss Ellie will take her naps outside and come in several times for food and water and just to cool off when it’s really hot.   When she sleeps inside during the day, Miss Ellie can be found in the living room window seat or on the couch and on rare occasions in our bed by herself.

GG doesn’t go outside during the day.   She takes her naps in the morning in the living room window seat.   There is not even a cushion there, but she curls up anyways right there in front of the window.   By early afternoon she has moved to sleeping on our bed.   Later in the afternoon she will sleep in the living room either on the couch or back in front of the window.   After dark we find GG sleeping on our bed again.   Sometimes she will spend the evening with us in the living room and curl up in my lap or on the couch.   Lately however it seems she prefers to sleep alone in our bedroom.

I’ve often wondered what they dream about as a sleep away the day.   Are they dreaming of chasing after birds, mice or lizards in the yard?   Perhaps they dream of going on European cruises or going to Walt Disney World?   There’s really no way of knowing but it would be fun if we could know the secret life of our pets.

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  1. GrannyJ
    Jul 5, 2009

    My Max cat got himself kicked out of my bed at night time, because he had the bad habit of biting me in the morning when I didn’t get up immediately to feed him once he started yowling. It appears to be safe to allow him to nap with me. He likes to sleep on the desk by my computer when I am in my office.