New Baby Daddy

Yesterday, was Father’s Day.   Norm and I don’t have any children, except for our cats.   Miss Ellie was my cat long before I ever met Norm, so I guess he’s kind of like her step cat dad.   GG we got after we’d been married for a few years, so she’s kind of like “our” baby, which would make Norm her cat daddy?   Okay — yes I know it’s really silly.   At least they didn’t give him a Father’s Day card, although I have seen those in the store — Father’s Day card from the cat.

So tonight I was on Facebook and lo and behold I discovered that I had become a great auntie today.   My cousin V, who just turned 50 this year — and she’s the oldest of all of us cousins — just became a grandma.   Her son N and his wife had a little boy today in Washington.   I remember when N was just a baby himself.   Not sure when or if I’ll ever get to meet this new member of our family because I don’t travel that far, but it’s great that I can see photos of the little guy on Facebook within hours of his birth.   Too cool to say the least!

I’m sure the happy couple have had quite a full day dealing with the hospital, the delivery of the little bundle of joy, and of course all the paperwork involved.   Hopefully they have one of those insurance plans with a color in the name, like Blue Advantage, to help cover all the expenses of the hospital stay and pre- and postnatal care.   Babies are always a blessing even though they can rack up a bill pretty quickly.