My Wish Is His Command

When Norm, my loving husband, was courting me he called me his princess and to this day he still does.   Sure, he has other terms of endearment for me, but my favorite is princess.   When he’s in a good mood the princess gets what she wants.   Today it was Mexican food and so he took me out for a very late lunch or early dinner and we enjoyed Mexican cuisine.   It’s very special to be treated as royalty.   I’ve got to take care of my man so he will continue to take care of me.   A good husband is hard to find and must be nurtured.   That reminds me — I should look into term life insurance cost.   After all I’ve become used to being the princess. <wink>

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  1. Norm
    Mar 14, 2009

    Princess…you can send money to…..Sweet Normie Scottsdale, Arizona