A Sign of the Times

A few months ago Norm and I started attending a new church.   We found one in our neighborhood that we like.   In an effort to get to know people we attended the men’s and women’s Bible studies this evening.   A friend of ours, R, has been attending church with us for the past few months.   We don’t usually sit together but we often talk together in the lobby after church.   Tonight R and I were at the women’s Bible study together.   While R was getting some food a woman that I remember meeting a couple months ago noticed me and came to me to say she was glad I could come this evening.   Then she asked me if my daughter came with me.   What?   My daughter?   I knew she must have me confused with someone else and I said that I didn’t have any children.   Then she said, well who’s the lady I’ve seen you with on Sundays?   Oh. That’s my friend, R.

Now I’m really paranoid because my friend and I are the same age.   Sure, I’m the one with all the silver hair and I’m a couple months older than my friend.   Gee, I must look really old if someone thinks that I’m the mother of a 40-something-year-old woman.   I guess the haircut I got today didn’t help me look any younger.

Perhaps I should get some digital signage to attach to the head rest on my chair.   It could remind people that I’m not as old as I look.   Any ideas for the verbiage of my digital sign?