Opening the Packages

For Christmas Norm gave me some nice gifts.   One I picked out myself, a new Palm TX, and two others he surprised me with, a Hello Kitty doll and a dainty little bracelet from Tiffany’s.   He scored good on those gifts.

I’ve been using a Palm m515 for several years as a sort of organizer, e-book reader and game player.   It’s gotten old and I wanted something newer with more features.   My new Palm has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth so it’s going to enable me to do some interesting things.   Only problem is it’s difficult to use when you’ve only got one hand that works well.   Looking for something like a rackmount monitor device that I could attach to my wheelchair to hold the Palm TX for me while I use it.   Haven’t come across anything useful yet, but perhaps someone out there knows of something?

So what did you get for Christmas?