Jack Is Back

Not Jack, as in my brother or my dad, but rather Jack Bauer, as in 24.   That’s right, I’m a fan of the series 24 and I’m looking forward to the two hour movie tonight.   It’s almost like those days when the new season of Star Trek: The Next Generation would start.   The anticipation is exhilarating!   Like Thursday is when you know that CSI Las Vegas will be on.   I’m a big fan of that show too.   It’s always interesting when they show scenes in different places along the strip.   Those shots of the Las Vegas hotels make you want to go there.

So, just for the record, now you know I’m a Trekkie from back in the day to the original series.   A geek who enjoys a little Grissom observation on a Thursday night.   (It won’t be the same show without Grissom, but that’s for another post.)   And a woman who enjoys seeing the hero save the day just like Jack Bauer always does.