Friday we neglected to buy candy so we turned off our porch light to discourage kiddos from ringing our bell.   I think we had one kid show up about seven o’clock, but I didn’t answer the door since Norm was out getting our dinner.   About an hour or so later after we had finished dinner, I was at my desk surfing the Internet and Norm was in his office doing whatever he does there.   The doorbell rang but we ignored it thinking it was someone after candy that we didn’t have to give out.   It rang again a minute later.   It occurred to me that it might be someone we know, so I made Norm answer the door since I don’t like to open it by myself at night.   Low and behold there was Norm’s brother with a box of doughnuts.   He drops in every once in a while unannounced, but never brings gifts or treats.   I was shocked.   I think I might have fainted had he showed up with coffee too, especially if it had been Illy.   I realized later that his showing up with treats was payback for me helping him with his computer a couple of nights back.   He called and said he was bringing over his computer so I could help him figure it out.   He is totally computer illiterate.   It was so messed up with spyware I couldn’t even download anything onto it so sent him to a computer repair shop.