Burger Fun

Yesterday Norm took me to lunch at Red Robin. We always have a great time at Red Robin because the food is good and the people there are so nice to us. We know most of the servers and managers by name and they of course know us. As soon as we walk in the door they’ve got our favorite table ready for us. Sometimes our server even brings our iced tea before we’ve sat down. Now that’s what I call quality service.

There’s a huge selection of burgers on the menu, but lately I’ve been ordering my own custom creation hamburger. It’s basically a Whiskey River BBQ Burger slightly modified. No lettuce and instead of the onion straws on the bottom I add coleslaw. Oh it’s just scrumptious! In case you aren’t familiar with the other ingredients, they include mayo on the top bun, tomato, cheddar cheese, and Whiskey River BBQ sauce. The crunchiness of the coleslaw really adds something special to this burger. Norm took this photo for your viewing pleasure.

The digital Karen custom Red Robin burger.

The digitalKaren's custom Red Robin burger.

Red Robin is decorated nicely and there are TVs everywhere so you can keep up with the latest sports events. Norm told me that the bathrooms are extra special too. Not only do they invest in high quality bathroom appointments, such as Kohler faucets, there’s also a TV in there! I guess some people just don’t want to miss one minute of their favorite sports game.

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  1. SolShine7
    Aug 6, 2008

    Red Robin…yummy! Their food is so good, I usually get the salmon burger. Just thinking of it makes me hungry. And the parm french fries with the strawberry lemonade on the side. It’s dinner utopia. hehe.