Yes, it’s me again. Karen has made it clear that she will be back to blogging in a few days. I’ll bet you’ll be happy about that.

Today is of course Saturday and so far we’ve stayed in our house and as yet haven’t made any plans to head out. There was rain in the valley Thursday night, there was talk about more yesterday, but nothing happened, and to be honest I haven’t even taken a minute to check the forecast about today and what it’s supposed to do. Just done some things on the computer. Like looking for some music for Friday’s Music that I do each week on my own blog.

I have just been typing on the computer, having even picked up one of the ink pens sitting here on my desk. It’s all ways nice to have a pen handy especially to jot down an idea that pops into your head. That way the idea is saved. Lord knows if I just depended on saving things in my head, nothing would be remembered.

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  1. pj
    Jul 12, 2008

    The real question is – Can you find the note or remember what it was really about, if you do find it?