Horses = People…..Lollipops = Roses….

While I don’t really feel that this blog is completely necessary, I’m doing it any way.

Growing up in Colorado as I did. Attending a ranch school here in Arizona and being subjected to riding and caring for horses, I think taught me a lot.

Now, if you’re out there and think I think of my wife as a “horse”, let’s set the record straight. That’s just not true. She is a wonderful human being. She is a great woman. Enough said. The fact that I learned to care for horses only shows that I was able to learn that caring for an animal takes work. Pass this on to a family member, and it becomes even more important. I have always known that, never thought any less.

Couple other thoughts, while when it comes to personal care, care such as mine is the best. It’s not like car rentals, or laptop rentals, or renting a boat. Although, on the other items, one can’t really go wrong.

Can’t take back all I learned, and while caring for a horse is nothing like taking care of a person, what a great starting stone.

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  1. Karen of Scottsdale
    Jul 7, 2008

    Yes, it was a good training opportunity. I’m like any other filly who enjoys getting her back rubbed and talked to sweetly.