Economies of Scale

Last Friday I was getting sick of my hair which was in drastic need of a haircut. It had been about two months since I had a haircut and I was going nuts because shorthair needs to be cut often or it just looks crappy. I wanted to go to my wonderful stylist that I’ve been going to for seven years, but my bank account was telling me otherwise. The price of gasoline has put a crimp on everything! Anyhow, we were at the Safeway shopping center where I go to the chiropractor and two doors down from her door is a Great Clips franchise. I was curious so I glanced in the window and lo and behold they have the service price list on display. Haircuts for $11 — unbelievable! It felt like I was cheating on my stylist going in there, but overall it’s not a half bad haircut. At least it feels better and it’s a lot easier to manage now that it isn’t going in 100 different directions.

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  1. Dixie Sampier
    Jun 28, 2008

    Yea! I’m glad for you! I’m also looking for a lesser deal on hair care. Maybe I could go gray and not have to do color. After all, I am a matured woman!