Father’s Day and the U.S. Open

My dad got a special treat today — he was able to attend the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. He lives in San Diego and got the opportunity of a lifetime by working security the last three days at Torrey Pines and then got a free pass to attend the game today. I’m not a golf fan but I did watch the U.S. Open in hopes of finding my father in the gallery of some 55,000 people. I didn’t see him anywhere. Maybe if I had a high definition LCD TV I could have found him.

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  1. pj
    Jun 28, 2008

    I was there – at the 3rd green (par 3 overlooking the beach – awesome) until the last group passed. Then went to 18 where I stood for well over 3 hours with a great view of the green. If you recall Tigers approach shot to the green I was standing to his back on the otherside of the fairway. Saw the shot – saw the put.
    could have gone on Monday but #1 granddaughter was graduating to Middle School – far more important that the being at the game. Son, taped game so got to watch it HD – did not know outcome ahead of time – actually thought Rocco had won it from most peoples reactions but no one told.