Free Weights

A while back Norm and I visited the new Senior Center in our neighborhood which was built almost 2 years ago.   It’s a really nice place and among the rooms available for public use there was a fitness center.   It was very well furnished with all of the necessary fitness equipment.   There were stationary bikes, ellipticals, treadmills and weight benches and a few things I didn’t recognize.   Just about everything you would find at the local fitness centers throughout Scottsdale was in that room.   Except this one is free to use.   This has been a public service announcement for all of the seniors who want to get physically fit but don’t have the funds for a gym membership.

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  1. Peter Tan
    Apr 18, 2008

    Fitness gyms are big business here in Malaysia. It will be good if someone can come out with what you have there. God knows how senior citizens need to exercise to keep themselves in good shape.