Old School Versus New School

I’ve been pondering how things have changed in the last 10 years because of technology.

  • hand writing a letter versus sending e-mail
  • carrying cash or a checkbook versus debit cards
  • writing checks to pay bills versus online banking and bill paying
  • wearing a watch or carrying a pocket watch versus carrying a PDA or cell phone
  • sending birthday cards versus e-greetings
  • struggling to hold a book versus reading online or on the computer or on my PDA

And that’s only a small portion.   What would you add to the list?


  1. GrannyJ
    Apr 16, 2008

    * locating long-lost friends via a Google search vs. just saying “I wonder what ever happened to…” and then moving on.

    *sending long-lost friends or distant cousins an email vs. doing nothing to get in touch.

    * carefully selecting what pictures you are going to take, because of the cost of film and prints vs. going wild (as I do) because of the infinitesmal cost of one or two or three more shots.

    * printing out multiple copies of a document or letter vs. carbon paper

    * using the erase key instead of whiteout

    I’m sure I could go one and on, Karen, even though I’m old fashioned enough to still use a checkbook (I consider the debit card to be a chancy item to lose; far worse than a credit card!) and read real books.

  2. Karen of Scottsdale
    Apr 16, 2008

    Great list, Granny J!