Taking Reservations

Old friends and family I haven’t seen in a few years we’ll be visiting me this year.   My best friend from college is planning on visiting Scottsdale and Sedona for the first time since I have lived in Arizona.   I look forward to seeing her and her husband since we haven’t seen each other for two or three years.   They are some of my oldest friends and even though we don’t talk as often as we’d like, whenever we do it’s as if we are back in college days again.   Their trip to Sedona will probably be like a second honeymoon for them so I’m excited that they’re planning it.   I hope they bring their Johnston and Murphy luggage to impress everyone in Scottsdale.

Next week I’ll be seeing one of my cousins who lives in Washington.   We haven’t seen each other for a couple of years and she promised me this time she and her husband will make it a point to see us on this trip to Arizona.   Although I haven’t met him yet, since they’ve only been married for a few years, he has family in Tucson, so they come here now and then.   It will be great to see her and finally meet him.

OK, who else wants to come and visit me?