Hulu Who

This week I discovered and I must say that I’m quite impressed with it.   What is it you ask?   It’s a collaborative effort among television networks to provide television programming over the Internet.   You don’t need a TV or cable, just an Internet connection to watch programs and movies.   So I tried it out and found old episodes of Fame the television series from the 80s among tons of other programming of all kinds.   I love that show it was fantastic and you don’t find TV shows comparable to it today.   I watched one episode and found it quite an enjoyable experience both in terms of the quality of the program and the quality of the video and audio on my computer.  

This service is provided free but there are commercials just like regular television only they’re not like regular television in that there’s only one commercial during each of the commercial breaks and it lasts less than 30 seconds.   Even better was the type of commercials.   Usually when you watch cable television channels that provide older programming you will see a variety of commercials that repeat over and over and over again such as feminine hygiene products, the best diet pills, newfangled cleaning products and term life insurance for people over 65.   Instead of that variety there were commercials for the latest in car technology and design and other types of high-tech stuff.

A few months ago I watched episodes of Lost over the Internet via the ABC network site.   The Hulu experience was much better because I didn’t have to click play or resume after each commercial break like I did on the ABC site.   Although I must say that the quality of the video and audio was in both cases excellent.

If you’re looking for older programming and movies as well as some current programming I suggest you check out for yourself.


  1. pb
    Apr 1, 2008

    Yes! This is it: what we’ve been waiting for. In some ways, better than DVR and TIVO.

    The Internet has finally arrived.

  2. SolShine7
    Apr 14, 2008

    I’ve heard about Hulu but I’ve never really tried it. And since you make it sound so good, I will!