New York City

Confession time.   I have never been to New York City or anywhere even remotely close to New York State.   All I know about New York City is from television shows.   Hill Street Blues and the infamous and various Law and Order series have given me quite a view of New York City.   Certainly those are fictional programs focusing on murder and mayhem, so I guess I can’t really judge New York entirely on those.

With the advent of reality shows I certainly have other opportunities to learn about New York.   Cash Cab is one of my favorites.   Norm and I enjoy playing along, although the chances of us ever getting to participate in the TV game show are absolutely zero even if we did visit New York City.   Although they use a minivan for a cab it’s not a wheelchair accessible one!   The newest reality show about New York City that I have observed is Real Housewives of New York City which is all about New York movers and shakers.   Although they call them “real housewives” they’re really ultra wealthy women who live a life of luxury and know nothing about the true life of a real housewife.

Maybe someday we’ll visit but I guarantee it won’t be any time soon.


  1. Norm
    Mar 29, 2008

    Maybe we should start a new reality TV show here in Phoenix,

    “Wheelchair Cash Cab”

  2. SolShine7
    Apr 14, 2008

    Cash cab is such a fun game. Why not give your version a shot? Or even come up with something better. I say go for it!