Planning Ahead

I was looking through the calendar today noticing that it’s almost Easter and realizing that the first quarter of the year will end in a couple of weeks. Wondering what the next few months will bring I noticed there really aren’t any major holidays in April this year because of Easter being in March. It’s been years since I’ve thrown a party and lately I’ve been pondering the possibility. But what kind of party could I throw in the next couple of months? April Fools’ Day is coming up too soon and tax day is certainly not a day for parties unless you work for the IRS. So that leaves May. Cinco de Mayo is pretty big around here being that we’re only a few hours from Mexico. But everybody throws a Cinco de Mayo party and I just have to be different. So what happens in May besides Cinco de Mayo? The Kentucky Derby! I can throw a Kentucky Derby party.

OK, so what would I need to do next? Well if I was Martha Stewart, which I’m clearly not, I would have to plan a Kentucky Derby themed menu featuring Mint Juleps and send out Kentucky Derby party invitations. Doing a little bit of research online I’ve learned that the Kentucky Derby is quite the extravagant affair requiring the use of one’s best china, crystal and linens. Clearly I am not prepared for such a party at I don’t own any crystal or china let alone fancy table linens. Considering that perhaps I should just plan on inviting a few friends out for a Mexican fiesta on Cinco de Mayo. Yes, I’m just lazy.


  1. Vanda
    Mar 18, 2008

    Gee thanks Karen! LOL I’ve been craving some good Mexican food for ages and the stuff they call Mexican over here isn’t anything like the real Mexican food. I forgot about it for a while and now my craving is baaaaaak.

  2. Karen of Scottsdale
    Mar 18, 2008

    So sorry, Vanda. =(