Fractional Knowledge

So the other day I was web surfing and came across the phrase fractional ownership.   I had no idea what it meant and at first I thought of fractions like in math such as 3/4 and 2/5.   But why would I want to own that?   When I actually looked up what fractional ownership means it turns out I wasn’t too far off.   From what I have read it’s quite popular as a way of investing in an expensive asset such as a vacation home or an aircraft.   I’m definitely not in the income bracket for considering such a proposition, but it does look interesting.   And because you took the time to read this fraction of my blog now you know too.


  1. GrannyJ
    Mar 9, 2008

    I wonder if today’s grammar school kids would understand the concept — it does take an understanding of fractions, after all….

  2. Daniel Giannini
    Mar 16, 2008

    Fractionals are the wave of the future in gaining access to luxury assets. The Fractional Concierge website ( is the world’s first website that brings together ALL assets sold as fractionals: Real estate, aircraft, sea vessels, automobiles, recreational vehicles, and everything else from handbags and artwork to dogs and organically grown meats. The website gives you detailed information, pricing and photos on hundreds of fractional assets so you can peruse the many different options.