No, that’s not Brad Pitt

Jack and Karen circa 1988A while back I was going through some old photos and ran across this one which is probably about 20 years old.   Looking at it brought back so many memories.   This is a picture of my brother, Jack, and me at our family Christmas get-together.   Boy we sure looked different back then and our lives were very different from what they are today.   I’d say it was after a couple of years of this photograph being taken that my brother’s life was forever changed for the good because of some decisions he made.   Today is his birthday and I’m so glad that he is my brother!

It’s apparent from this photograph that I used to have a love for scarves and plaid.   My tastes were so different back then.   I was very much into Victoria Magazine and I would have gone crazy over Kravet fabrics.   I was in college and my girlfriends and I used to enjoy afternoon tea at the US Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego.   It seems like a lifetime ago.   (seems I was fond of green eye shadow too…)

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  1. pb
    Feb 19, 2008

    Except for his mustache you two are peas in a pod.

    It’s the same for my Irish twin brother and me. When we were sharing digs in Worcester, Mass, I once pulled out my license for something and found that I had picked up his, instead!