Not a Sports Widow

Most of my married friends have husbands who are really into golf, football, basketball or baseball or all four.   If there’s a game on their watching it.   Not so with my husband.   He’s never been much for sports so I’m definitely not a “sports widow” as a lot of women are during certain times of the year.

No, what gets my husband going is audio and video equipment.   He’s always wanting to tell me about the latest technology upgrades with audio and video equipment and why we ought to upgrade to HDTV, etc.   He pores over catalogs and websites pertaining to video cameras and other such exciting stuff.   He’ll read something about the latest Sony video camera or HDMI switches and can’t wait to tell me about it.   Of course, like a good wife should, I listen intently as he explains why it’s so exciting that JVC has a new proconsumer HD video camera on the market.   I smile and nod my head and make all those little affirming noises to let him know I’m listening.

He does the same thing for me when I’m dying to tell him about the latest CSS techniques I have mastered.   Sure.   It’s what makes our marriage so great.   We listen to each other. (Wink.)


  1. Norm
    Feb 9, 2008

    Really folks, if I want Karen to go to sleep, I bring out the video information and stats….It works every time.

  2. GrannyJ
    Feb 13, 2008

    Ah, I learned a lot of physics, photography and computer from my husband. And, thank goodness, he wasn’t into sports!

  3. SolShine7
    Feb 22, 2008

    I like both of those topics. You two seem like pretty interesting people to me.