Is Cleaning House Considered Exercise?

My husband has been blogging a lot lately. I noticed the other day he was discussing his weight loss and dietary habits. Exercising would certainly help him. We keep talking about getting him a bicycle so we could go around the beautiful parks in Scottsdale together. Lately though it’s been rather cold, so I wonder if we ought to consider something we could do indoors? The mall is rather boring when you don’t have money to spend. Some people put in home gyms so they can work out in the comfort of their home. Maybe we should consider that? The only problem is I don’t know where we would put one. Our house is rather small, and when you consider we shar it with two cats, that doesn’t leave much room for anything else. Oh well. He can just continue working out by cleaning house more often. Yeah, that’ll do the trick.

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  1. Norm
    Jan 18, 2008

    The answer to the question,” Is Cleaning House Considered Exercise?”

    The simple answer is: NO.

    It is considered WORK!!!!