Grandpa’s Workshop

The holidays always reminded me of family because it’s a time when I get to be with my family who don’t live near me.   I was blessed to have two wonderful grandpas growing up.   In fact, I had four wonderful grandparents who always showed me unconditional love and acceptance.   Anyhow, today I’m reminded of grandpa Glenn.   Grandpa had a workshop in his garage with all kinds of woodworking tools.   He was not a carpenter by trade, but he did know a thing or two about making things out of wood.   It always smelled good inside that workshop, I guess because of the wood shavings.   I love that smell.   Not knowing much about tools myself, I have no idea what brand of tools he had, but knowing Grandpa, he probably had some of the best like festool.

One year for Christmas Grandpa gave all of the grandkids an Aggravation game he made himself.   He loved playing that game with my brother and I when they came for a visit.   Grandpa liked to tease us because he was very good at the game and usually won.   Grandma would make popcorn and we would sit around the table eating popcorn or Chex mix then roll the dice to move our marbles around the game.   Oh what fond memories!

My other grandpa, Leonard, like playing games with us too.   I remember many Christmases during my 20s sitting around the table playing the card game Rook with grandpa Leonard, my dad, my brother and various cousins, aunts and uncles.   That was always lots of fun.   I miss those days.   Both my grandpas have gone on to Heaven.   I miss them.

Next week I’ll be visiting grandma Frankie while I’m in San Diego for Christmas.   She and I used to do a lot of handcrafts together.   They were always fun times too.