Yes, there is a God.

This morning while waiting for my turn at the chiropractor’s office, I had an interesting conversation with one of the office staff. I asked Bea how things were going this morning. She said they were busy, but in a good way, not running around crazy like they usually do on Friday. “How’s your morning going,” she asked me. I said it was going a lot better than I expected it would after what happened last night. “Oh, what happened last night?” “Well,” I replied, “yesterday we had serious car trouble and found that our van will need major repairs.” It will probably be sometime next week before it’s ready, so we decided to rent a wheelchair accessible van, but after we called to confirm a reservation we realized that our bank account was sorely lacking the needed funds. So we called the guy we were going to rent a van from and explained that we weren’t in a position to rent a van right now knowing we would have automobile repairs to pay for next week. (Actually, we didn’t even know if we could pay for the automobile repairs since we don’t know how much it will be yet and money is tight right now.) Needless to say, last night we were rather upset over our predicament. We couldn’t even go to our Life Group meeting. So I called our friends and explained our situation and asked them to pray for us.

We got a phone call this morning from Rich, the van rental man, telling us there was a van in our driveway and it wouldn’t cost us anything. When Norm asked him why he was doing this, Rich replied, “You need to be able to get to church on Sunday.” All he asked was that we return it with a full tank. We were not expecting this at all.

So when I tell this to Bea, she says to me, “there really is a God!” I giggled as she said this. “Wait, there’s more, I responded.” Our friends came over this morning with an envelope filled with money. They said this is our emergency fund we keep in the back of the closet, and we feel like God wants us to give it to your emergency. God really has answered our prayers! We thank him for people who are willing to help out in time of need.

I have to be honest and say that last night I was really worried about how we were going to manage without a wheelchair accessible van. It’s not like I can wait for a friend to come pick me up. I don’t have any friend who has a van like mine. Norm was really concerned about how we’re going to pay for the repairs to the van. We went to bed upset, but knew we could trust God to see us through our situation. But never did we expect things would change so quickly. God is definitely good and he can be trusted. We have faith, but we ask God to give us even greater faith.

Are you one of those people who question God’s existence? Sometimes it only takes the personal experience of someone you know to show you that yes, there really is a God.

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  1. Vanda
    Oct 14, 2007

    I’m glad you have such wonderful people in your life Karen and Norm. Hope the van costs a lot less than you think it will.


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